Neil has started a new business, writing bespoke stories and presenting them in a beautiful hard back book: 

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Superhero Tales

Where everyone can be a hero!

Bespoke Superhero Tales


Children's Picture book genre.

*Large print

*Professional quality with hardback cover.

*Choice of plain pages or with background. Click to see choices.

*20 - 25 pages, large print with images linked to the story.

*Dedication page where YOU write the dedication.

*Option to include a real life picture of your Superhero on the dedication page.

* Cost £34.95 + p&p. This is very competitive when compared to the prices of customised stories which are mass produced.


Tommy Carter Animal Superhero

Tommy has an amazingly vivid imagination and he imagines himself to be all kinds of different animals. So much so, that he solves major problems and mysteries when pretending to be these animals.


But is Tommy a REAL 'animal superhero'?


Or is it ALL just in his imagination?

Hannah Wilson Bouncing Superhero

A thief thinks it's his lucky day when he steals a mobile phone at a supermarket.


However, he wasn't expecting bouncing Hannah to be nearby!

  • All profits made from the sale of Neil's CDs - Come Draw Near, Great Day and Strength -  will be donated to Shekinah.
  • ​Below are links to, where you can buy each of these CDs.
  • A donation will be made to Shekinah from the profits made from selling Neil's children's adventure story Moondust.


We're excited to finally have our site live and ready to share our passion with the world!


We're planning to reach out to children with Cerebral Palsy and their families on the island of Bohol, Philippines. We would love to build a support centre to provide physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, basic clinical care and most of all fun and relaxation for the children and their families.


After much consideration, prayer and discussion, we're going back to our original plan of launching a charity 'Shekinah Cerebral Palsy Support'.

The good news is that the Governing Document for our CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) is already written


So the next steps are...

  • Recruit a team of 5 Trustees
  • Formally apply for charity status
  • Start fundraising!


Could you partner with us?


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